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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2012 10:30pm-11:00pm PST

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cash. this is approximately 91 percent of it is approximately sitting in the commercial, sitting in the city's treasury pool. and the investments that we hold are in compliance with the government code and the authority board approved investment policy and the amount that we have in the bank provides sufficient liquidty to meet the requirements over the next six months. with that i am more than happy to answer any questions related to the internal report >> any questions or comments? >> seeing none, is there any member of the public that wishes to comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> this is an information item and so we do not need to take any action. >> thank you. >> item number five. >> introduction of new items, this is an information item. >> are there any introductions? >> seeing none, is there any member of the public who wish to comment on item five. seeing none, public comment is
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six. >> item six. >> public comment. >> is there any member of the public that wishes to comment on any item in the jurisdiction of this committee? seeing none, item 7, public comment is closed. >> item seven. >> adjournment. >> we are adjourned. >> >> good morning and welcome to the plans and programs meeting of the county transportation authority. my name is john avalos chair of the committee and joined by supervisor kim.
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supervisor kim is the vice chair and joined by commissioner mark farrell and ms. cohen. we have sfgtv staff helping today. thank you for your work. madam clerk can you call our first item. >> item two approve the minutes. this is an action item. >> okay. we can go on to public comment. and seeing none we will close public comment. colleague do we have a motion to approve the minutes from last meet something okay. we will take that without objection. thank you very much. next item please. >> item three is the advisory commission report. >> good morning chair, commissioners. i am glen davis -- >> would you pull the mic up. >> i am the chair of the advisory committee and here to give the report of october 24.
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we had one action item that is on the agenda this morning and action item six which is about allocating money to c box and those projects. that item was passed unanimously without much discussion but they ask that the staff bring it back periodically so we can follow the funding. with that i can take questions. that concludes the report. it's pretty short. >> just a question about the commitment made for future years for prop k fund. do you recall the nature of the discussion. >> yeah, there was a discussion -- i believe ta is working with the mayor's office. i can't remember the office at the moment for the commitments and that is part of coming back to
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us and the funding. >> okay great. thank you. >> thank you chair avalos. >> thank you very much. any members of the public that would like to comment? okay. we will close public comment. and that is our three. if we can go on to item four please. >> item four is recommend appointment of three members to the citizens advisory committee. >> thank you erica. we have three seats that are open. i believe i did talk with supervisor carmen chu. i think they're looking for a fourth one. we have someone here to talk about these positions. >> yes. good morning members and court ree geary and this is on page 17 of the packet and has 11 member advisory committee and each serves a year term and the programs and plans committee
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and recommends and appoints members. neither staff or the citizens advisory committee make recommendations on appointment. on page 20 you can see a list of folks that submitted applications for appointment to the citizens advisory committee. on page 19 you see information with the current members. to qualify for appointment of the citizens advisory committee you have to be a san francisco resident and appear at least once to give your qualifications. we have three vacancies and carmen wu and fran martin and glen davis, the assistant advisory chair that spoke before you. both have indicated their interest in being reappointed and we understand the chair campos does support mr. davis' reappointment. >> okay. thank you very much.
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commissioner. >> thank you very much. i would like actually request that we continue this item. i would like to continue vetting my district 10 appointee. >> okay. let's have the folks here present and then we can make decisions at the very end who we can move forward and what seats we can continue but thank you for that. commissioner kim. >> i was going to suggest the same as supervisor campos is comfortable with his appointment and move forward with that and leave four and 10. i am happy to hear from the folks here first. >> what i would like to do -- we have three vacancies and i know there are people applying for the citizens advisory committee that would like to make presentations so anyone here that is a candidate i would like to provide space for them to make a presentation and we can go on to makes decisions so i
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have three names of people that are here. okay. mr. davis, if you want to come up first. >> good morning again chair avalos and members. i am glen davis and i am seeking reappointment to the committee. i am doing so and i really enjoyed the role of being a citizen member, being on a committee that is holding government accountable for the money and spending of prop k funds through the intent of the voters. i have a master's in administration and worked in the community for 10 years around many years and education and housing and directly or indirectly affected by prop k funds and schools and the light rail stations or upcoming cal train station, so that's pretty much it in a nutshell. i can
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take any questions. >> okay. thank you. just wondering what do you feel is the greatest input you've had on the committee. >> i would say there's two items that come to mind quickly. one is as the chair was the tree maintenance and the issues that homeowners were having around tree maintenance and the cost to them and the potential liability to them, and i think we've moved that forward and the folks that came before the committee and asking for help with that feel good about what is moved forward through this committee, and then through the full board entirely, and also i would say still the most impactful issue is the private shuttle buses and we had back and forth for a couple of years and even before -- i can't recall right now, but the plan that was put forth and you passed about 18 months ago. is
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that correct? yeah; right. and that still is an issue and i think it impacts the city significantly and maybe more significantly than we thought even back in 2010 so i think that is a pressing issue that affects not all prop k but all transportation in the city and that is something that we need to think about, and also one of the items that is shuffled under the board a little bit is sidewalk repair and how prop k is allocated in certain areas like your district or the district that i live in that might not get as much maintenance as the others and how they measure how the maintenance is done which can be inadequate in terms how they measure but i won't go into the logistics there. i will stop right there. >> thank you for your presentation. next up fran martin. >> i'm going to read what i
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have. i have lon been involved in transportation issues in district town and before i was asked to be on the cac. i worked in the watershed group and met monthly and transportation and land use planning in san francisco. the focus had been getting people from the two counties and the towns together to discuss regional issues and in the future have greater community participation. i wanted better dialogue among the different entities which at that point other that were not communicating. excuse me. when the bay shore cal train station was moved south from san francisco to bis bane our community was dissatisfied with the design of the over pass which would heavily impact the neighborhood
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and future development there. we had our own architect formulate a better design and unfortunately we could not prevail. we ended up with a poor design but better than the first. excuse me. and city's interest. -- >> if you could take off your -- yeah, i just notice that. >> okay. we continue to have planning meetings to the visitation valley alliance representing this and -- and i said many times this rivals importance in the city but we received less notice historically. i want the same attention paid to other areas paid to projects in the
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southeast which include major projects, the bicounty study and extension and bay shore cal train station and realignment. and i hope to see these critical district 10 transportation projects through the upcoming planning stages before i step away from the ta cac so that's it. >> thank you very much. colleagues any comments or questions? okay. next applicant. >> hi good morning commissioners. i am chris wadlynn and a district 10 resident. by training i'm a scientist and my interest in transportation issues has come since i moved to district 10, and quite recently since the cal train over pass, the cal train
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bridge replacement project has come to light. i worked very diligently with the staff of ta and other community members to come to a resolution with that project. supervisor cohen has also been quite involved with that. as far as myself i'm a community activists of sorts. i'm the vice chair of the gardens initiative and member of the portal member association and working on beautician and improvement of the corridor. living in silver terrace gives me an opportunity to have feet in many parts of the district and district nine is included and transportation is important for all of us in these areas, and i want to become more involved in access throughout
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our community in these areas and that includes bike access which i think is good but could be quite improved and i would like to see that happen. beyond the cac i think i would offer community input. i also run a district wide blog that gives back to the community, that helps disseminate information to the community, and i really feel that's something that could be done a little better. that the community engagement doesn't stop with the cac. it involves people in the community to talk to the person on the cac and bring that to the full cac and then to you, so i feel like that would be my role in this. >> great. okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> for your presentation. next applicant please
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. this mic right here. oh you have -- >> [inaudible] >> i didn't realize you had a presentation so you're welcome to use that. >> great. good morning. thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak with you today. my name is ms. young and i live in district nine. it's a great privilege to share with you my qualifications and interest on being on the cac. so i have a very deep passion and interest in transportation, and i feel like it plays an integral role in the landscape of any city and i would like to be involved in the improvements to sf transportation. i wanted to share with you a snapshot from a user standpoint and occasionally a driving although i don't have a car and i am sure these ideas are bounced around but i would
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like to be on the team that makes the improvements and make the transportation system the world class system that san francisco deserves for being a world class city. that involves reducing the everyday barriers for using the transit system. i know people that don't use it because they think it's complicated. they don't understand the signage and the schedules and by increasing ridership you can increase rates and a cycle for overall improved transit system. i similarly have a lot of ideas for traffic easing and bus only lanes and bike safety and sharing programs and numerous other things i thought of and bounced ideas off people i know. i am extremely passion of transportation. i am a rider and use bart and cal
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train. i work on a clean tech automobile company and tesla motors. you might have heard it. we're focused on changing the landscape of transportation and making it much more cleaner, reducing emissions which i think intersecting a lot with the goals of this organization. as a side note i am a collector of subways from around the world. i feel i can bring skills and qualifications from my experience. i'm a financial analyst and worked at morgan stanley and in other mergers and departments so i have a lot of experience of working on collaborative environments and teams and tight deadlines and limited resources and i think i bring a unique demographic perspective to this community. i am in my 20's and asian and
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professional and i use transit and plugged into the network and a huge constituency in san francisco and i'm a traveler and worldwide transit rider and don't have a car and adult literacy tutor and head of the homeowner association and providing work for poor people around the world and i would like to be more civically engaged and i think this is a great way to do it, and i feel i can bring a lot to the table and i would really appreciate your selection of me to be on the citizens advisory committee for the sf cac. thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you for your presentation. colleagues any other comments or comments? >> can i ask a question? i notice you work in palo alto. how do you get there? >> we have a corporate shuttle
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and occasionally use cal train as well. >> thank you. >> okay. we can open this up for public comment. any member of the public would like to comment? all right. we will close public comment. colleagues -- we have actually a motion from commissioner cohen on continuing district 10 cac so we can take that without objection. on the district four we have been asked -- cac we have been asked to continue that seat is still looking for an applicant so we will continue that and without objection. commissioner farrell. okay. >> i'm actually seem pretty impressed with our last applicant, and wondering colleagues -- i know actually we had support from our district
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nine commissioner and president for glen davis and wondering what anyone's thoughts are about that? >> i actually was going to encourage the applicants to meet with the supervisor that represents their district. i'm not sure you can do that but i think it would help to meet with them and get a sense. this isn't the only committee that we have. although this is the one that relates the best to transit. i am impressed by many of the folks that came up today and all of them and i would be okay making a motion to continue this and i know she was in district six and that is gone and i appreciate what you had to say today. >> i appreciate that motion and
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i could support that and have a discussion among the committee. we can come back and heard again in plans and programs next meeting. okay. so we will continue that item as well. thank you colleagues. go on to the next item. >> item five is appoint of one member to the geary corridor bus rapid transit. this is an action item. >> good morning. i am with the authority. the authority is meeting the geary corridor bus rapid transit and improve travel times and reliability and transit access on one of the buzziest corridors in san francisco. it's in the planning phase and looking at alternatives for the project. the draft environmental document is expected in 2013. the project has a dedicated citizen advisory committee and give advice on project issues. this
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committee meets quarterly, has 11 members with seats for representation of key neighborhoods along the corridor as well as at large representation. currently we have one vacancy on the committee. we would like to fill that shortly. we have given notice in the quarter about the vacancy in september and october and including notices on buss and bus stops and translated languages and into english, spanish and chinese as well as annoucements on the project website, and email distribution to our email distribution list, and finally we had a media advisory as part of the notification pros. the deadline was october 24. at that time we had eight applications and they're all in your packet. there is a summary matrix that is included on page 23 summarizing their backgrounds. we encouraged the
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candidates to appear today to speak on behalf of their position and we noted it's not mandatory to be here to be considered and we are recommending one member for the geary cac. i am happy to take questions. >> . this is an at large seat. is that correct? commissioner kim. >> i had one question. i didn't see when the term expires? >> this doesn't have term expiration dates. it's for the life of the committee and the project until such time there is a vacancy. >> i know this committee was put together before. i was on the board and there isn't i single resident from district six. i don't know how this occurred and great person by the way but doesn't live in district six and i don't know what we can do about that, and i don't see at
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large representatives from the district but i was impressed with the applicants and i would like a conversation at some point. >> okay. >> thank you. >> thank you. i do see -- there is someone running for supervisor in district five is mentioned as district six but i understand. are there applicants here today? please come forward. >> good morning. my name is winston parsons. i am here today because i would like to be on the geary corridor bus rapid transit citizens advisory committee. i'm a forught generation san franciscan so i lived near the
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geary corridor my entire life and take transit and bike to get me around the city. i grew up with mom and grandma and i grew up hearing stories how transit worked for them. my grandma took a train across the bridge to the east bay and get off at market street and the fairy building and muni served the citizens more effectively. furthermore my current job is working for the presidio bike wise program. i teach kids to ride safely and responsibly. i work at the a middle school in the area and i see how the street design affects a myriad and variety of users there. furthermore we're involved in safe routes for schools and i
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think the project has the potential to aid and impact. i also have ancasion and personal passion for transportation and urban planning. i have a minor in urban planning. my major was in communications and i worked for their communication urban action while i was a student there. lastly my frents and colleagues will tell you have a passion for transit, particularly bus lines and rail in this city. if you were to look in my room right now you will see a board on the wall with a map of the city and lines of string leading to different projects. geary is at the top of the list. it's something i have been following for a while and interested in and has the opportunity to improve the life for san franciscans and bikers and muni riders and others as
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well and with that i would be a great member of the geary corridor bus rapid transit citizens advisory committee and thank you for your time. >> thank you. what do you see as the main challenges and bringing bus transit to geary? >> one of the main challenges is awareness for business owners and residents along there. the friends i know and work with who are attuned to a lot of stuff that happens in the city and read blogs and newspapers aren't always aware what is happening on geary. furthermore i have been to public meetings and local business owners are really concerned about the impact it's going to have on their constituents and users and i think i can make a good bridge and explain how it's potentially to their benefit and there are a number of intersections that have challenges and fill more and geary and other areas and i would like to be part of that
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discussion and something that works for all the city's users. thank you. >> thank you very much. no other applicants that are here? okay. >> can i add one clarification. the eligibility for serving on the geary cac applies to not only where they live but where they work and that might be a way to engage people of the full length of the corridor and helpful in the selection of a candidate. >> great. thank you very much. okay. any member of the public that would like to comment on this item? please come forward. and we will close vote on it. commissioner farrell. >> thank you and thanks for coming up and wince ston thanks for being here. i worked with him a bit in the district and they do amazing stuff in san francisco and i would like to
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say thanks for coming out. you're obviously the type of person exactly that we want and involvement really into the transit issue so i would be happy to support mr. parsons so i make a motion and offer it up to comment from my colleagues. >> that motion is seconded. commissioner kim. >> thank you. the two applicants i was interested in are mr. parse sons and ms. chin and they both grew up here and they live and work here and i think it's great to have young folks that live here that are interested in transportation so i am happy to support winston too and i hope when we have another vacancy you can let me know and i can do recruiting in the tenderloin but i don't want to hold up this applicant in the meantime. thank you. >> thank you. we have a moti